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Securing a Reliable RF Power Amplifier Module Source for Critical Testing Applications

For more than a century, the incredible versatility of radiofrequency energy has enabled a host of advances in science and technology. Today, RF equipment using very low and very high frequencies continues to see widespread use in many applications. When dealing with such minute and high-energy waves, especially when your applications involve the transmission and reception of RF signals, encountering troublesome interference or feedback that degrades your operational capabilities is all too common. Employing specific components, such as the right power amplifier, can improve the efficiency of your systems and streamline efforts to analyse the data you require. At Rhombus Technologies Australia, we are your direct link to a solution once you’ve identified a need for a particular component.

The RF amplifier suitable for your project may not always be the kind of thing you can find “off the shelf” with ease. Our goal is to eliminate that problem, creating a clear pathway for you to source the equipment necessary for boosting and improving the power of your signals equipment. A key factor in setting Rhombus Technologies apart from other options you might use to source an RFamplifiermodule is our extensive, global array of relationships with original equipment manufacturers and other suppliers. Consider one of the key partners we represent in Australia and how together can help as your organisation considers its next move in the procurement process.

Locating the Right RF Power Amplifier for Your Project

Cernex is a US-based electronic equipment manufacturer with a particular focus on RF equipment applications including millimetre wave (MMW) technology and microwave radiation. With distinctive experience in the telecom industry, Cernex’s base of experience positions them well to offer a broad array of products suitable for multiple industries. Rhombus Technologies is proud to represent Cernex within the Australian market, providing a gateway to their extensive range of poweramplifier lines. These include broadband amplifiers for delicate low noise applications all the way up to durable units intended for very high power transmissions. With the ability to access custom components through Cernex as well, procuring equipment that performs at the standard you require becomes more clear-cut.

Of course, this is far from the only associate company our team represents. Other RFmodule manufacturers that we can source product from include Comtech PST, a renowned amplifier creator whose innovations have led to the development of highly stable and reliable power amplifiers. For those that require solutions which can withstand heavy use over long periods of high intensity use, these products are an excellent fit.

Connect with Rhombus Technologies for Extensive Component Access

We don’t leave you to browse (these product offerings) on your own, however. Rhombus Technologies takes great pride in offering one of the most personalised services in the industry. You are not merely a client number, but a valued customer that our team is happy to help in your efforts to source the right solutions. No matter the module type or use case you’re facing, we are ready to answer your questions and to put you on the path towards the reliable RF equipment demanded by your undertakings.