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Programmable Switching Systems for Automatic Test, Data Acquisition, Communications and Controls.

Cytec Corporation manufactures over 300 types of innovative modular switching products that can be assembled and configured to provide an almost infinite variety of systems. Cytec can design a custom solution for any switching project. With 30 Years experience in the industry, we have a switch that can fulfill virtually every specification; low/high voltage, microwave, telephone, cable, fiber, and every other signal type. There are also numerous control options. Because one project is rarely like another, all of our products are completely modular and customizable. No project is too big or too small. Over 50% of our products are built specifically for custom applications.

All Cytec products have a full 5 year warranty*. This warranty guarantees the quality of workmanship that goes into every Cytec product. A 10-year warranty is available for a small additional cost on most products. All products are 100% tested before shipment.


  • CXAR Series – Coaxial Muxes and Switching Systems
  • CX Series – Coaxial Matrix Switching Systems
  • CXM Series – Microwave Switching Systems to 40 GHz
  • RJ Series – Communications Switching Systems (ex: Ethernet, DSL, Teleco Switches)
  • HXV Series – High Voltage Switching Systems
  • JX Series – High Density Switches, Switching Systems and Multiplexers
  • LX Series – 128 channel General Purpose Switching System
  • DX Series – Solid State Digital Matrix Switching Systems
  • RS Series – 9, 15 and 25 wire D connector Switching Systems
  • HDX Series – Very High Density Switch Matrix Systems
  • VDX Series – Video and RF Switches Matrix Switching Systems
  • VDM Series – Modular Video and RF Switch Matrix Systems
  • VM Series – VME Bus Switch Modules
  • VX Series – 256 Channel General Purpose Automated test and data acquisition Systems
  • GX Series – Multi-wire Group Switching Matrices and Multiplexers
  • FO Series – Passive Fiber Optic Switches and Switching Systems
  • FX Series – OEO Fiber Optic Switch Matrix System
  • MESA Series – Large System Controller for Matrix Expansion Systems
  • PC Series – PC/AT/XT Compatible Modules
  • PX Series – High Density Switch Matrix
  • TX Series – Large Video and RF Switches and Matrix Switching Systems
  • VXI Series – C-sized switch modules