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Rhombus Technologies provides high performance RF/Microwave electronic components and equipment from a selected group of manufacturers. In our relationship with these associates we are able to offer our clients a reliable low-risk partnership with on time delivery for customer key projects.

Please use the links in the menu to visit the corresponding Associate page.  Hovering over the link will show you a popup list of products available from each associate and clicking on the link will take you to the Associate page.

Passive RF Components

  • Attenuators
  • Terminations
  • DC Blocks
  • Directional Couplers
  • Detectors
  • Switches
IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Solutions
High Speed, High Capacity, Solid State Data Recorders
Solid State Video Recorder/Server
Airborne Data Acquisition
Solid State Wideband File Server
Mission Download Stations
Waveguide Coaxial adaptors
Broadband/Low Noise/Limiting Amplifiers
Bench Top Amplifiers
GaN Amplifiers
Rack Mount Amplifiers
Amplifiers for Optical Fibre
Bias Tee
Calibration Kits
Connectors/Cable assemblies
DC Block
Frequency Converters
Frequency Multipliers
Oscillators and Noise sources
Phase Shifters
Switches Solid State/mechanical
Coaxial test Kit
Waveguide Transition
Waveguide Products

High Power Amplifiers to 18 GHz & 30 kW

  • Class A
  • Class AB
  • Pulse
Frequency Converter
Low noise oscillators
Signal Switching & Control
Ferrite components
Passive & Control Components
Comb Generators
Active Signal Detection products

RF Absorber Products

  • Low Loss Dielectric Stock Material
  • Rubber Sheet Absorber
  • Carbon Based Foam Absorber
  • Rigid & Castable Microwave Absorber
  • Sprayable Microwave absorber
  • Reflectors & Lenses

Programmable Switching Systems for:

  • Automatic Test
  • Data Acquisition
  • Communications
  • Controls

EMI/EMC Test Equipment

  • Antennas/Antenna Kits
  • Amplifiers/Pre-Amps
  • Filters
  • LISN
  • Receivers
  • Sensors
  • Switches
High Power RF Switch (To 18 GHz & 10kW)
High Power RF Limiter (To 18 GHz & 10kW)
RF/Microwave Filters
  • Discrete
  • Cavity
  • Tubular
  • Ceramic
  • Tunable
  • Waveguide
Integrated assemblies
Wireless Products
  • Duplexers
  • T/R Filters
  • Combiners
RF Products
  • Phase Comparators
  • Manual/Voltage Controlled Phase Shifter
  • Voltage Controlled Attenuator
  • Mixers
Digital RF Memory (DRFM)
Radar target Generator
ECM/Target generator
IFF Simulator
Radar Environment Simulator

Ground Based Telemetry Data Processing and Display Systems

  • Telemetry Receivers & Combiners
  • Telemetry data Processors
  • Real Time Data Processing Software
  • IRIG Chapter 10 Recorder/Reproducer
  • Bit Synchroniser
Direction Finding Systems for Air, Sea & Ground Applications

RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

  • Flexible
  • Semi Rigid
  • Phase Stable
  • Low/Ultra Low Loss
  • Armoured RF Cable Assemblies

Airborne Data Acquisition & Telemetry Systems

Ground Based Telemetry Data Processing and Display Systems

  • Data Acquisition Systems & Encoders
  • Network Products & Systems
    • Network Switches
    • Gateways
  • Advanced Imaging & Video Systems
    • Cockpit Displays
    • HD and High Speed Cameras
  • RF & Antenna Products
    • Receivers/Bitsync/Decoms
    • RF Networks
    • Transmitters
    • Flight Terminations Receivers
    • Ground Station Receiver

Ground Support Systems & Software

  • Workstation PCs
  • Software

Solid State Recorders Including CH 10

Fibre Channel Products

Communications Collection & Signal Processing Solutions

  • MODREC Signal Recogniser
  • CellWorks
  • SignalWorks
  • RForce
  • WinDemod
  • SigDigIII
  • Signal Collection Server