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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., the PST division was established in 1987 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing High Power RF Amplifiers. This background in solid state amplifier design and development has provided C-PST with experience in such applications as:

  • EW Amplifier Systems
  • Military Communication Amplifiers
  • Radar Amplifiers
  • IFF Amplifiers
  • PA Modules
  • General Purpose Laboratory Amplifiers

comtech pst


Comtech PST’s focus on making superior solid state amplifiers has led to the development of a versatile and highly reliable product line. Whether your needs include amplifier module building blocks, rack-mounted amplifier units, or complete amplifier systems, the standard and customized solid-state power amplifier products provide for flexible and effective


Comtech PST Corp. offers solid-state power amplifiers in frequency ranges from 1 MHz through 18.0 GHz, with output power levels ranging from 5 watts to over 30 kW.