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TriaSys Technologies is a leader in Communications Collection and Signal Processing Solutions.

TriaSys Technologies provides software, systems and services for use in the signal processing and communications monitoring markets. We specialize in providing solutions, which take signals from the sensor to the analyst, reducing the amount of equipment necessary for effective signal collection and processing.

Our signal processing capabilities are used in software and systems for the analysis and processing of all forms of analog and digital communications signals.

Our suite of off-the-shelf signal analysis tools, demodulators, and signal collection servers serve as the basis for many effective signal collection and processing systems.

Our portable RF signal processing solutions (RForce) work in the HF/VHF/UHF range and are designed for exploitation of both traditional as well as modern communications. These products provide the operator with real-time actionable signal intelligence.








  • Analysis and breakdown of unknown signals
  • Analysis of carrier, symbol rate, and modulation type
  • Bit stream analysis, including frame detection
  • Forward error correction (FEC) encoding and decoding (Viterbi and Reed Solomon)
  • Supports standard (E1,T1, etc) and non-standard framing (arbitrary, system specific)
  • Bit to text display capability for teleprinter signals
  • Interference, distortion and multipath analysis
  • Demodulation with adaptive equalization
  • Powerful, diverse bit processing capabilities
  • Interleaving and deinterleaving (rectangular and convolutional)
  • Multiplexing and demultiplexing (TDM and FDM)