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Using Rhombus Technologies to Source Coaxial Cable Assemblies or a Difficult to Find Adapter or Connector

Coaxial cable may be one of the oldest types of cabling still in use today, but that does not mean it has outlived its usefulness. Although faster transmission media such as fibre optic cables have replaced coaxial in some applications, there is still a wealth of equipment that relies on various types of coaxialassemblies for reliable signal transmission. Are you in the process of setting up or maintaining a system that demands a particular kind of coaxial adapter? Perhaps you need to bridge an older standard with a newer type of cable, or you may have encountered a legacy installation with an unfamiliar setup. In any scenario where you need access to a reliable coaxialconnector, Rhombus Technologies Australia may offer the ideal solution.

With a track record of RF industry experience going back more than three decades and including knowledge of microwave and millimetre wave systems, Rhombus Technologies can be your doorway to accessing products from leading manufacturers, such as Cernex. With flexible to semi-rigid assemblies and custom fabrication options available from our partners, securing the right type of cable becomes much easier. Even connectors that stick out at odd and difficult angles on your equipment can be reached when you can quickly source a bespoke coaxialconnector that features the combination of angles you require. Consider more about how we can help as your supplier.

Deep Industry Connections for Ease of Client Access

As your connection to coaxial manufacturers, we can do more than merely arrange for the creation of products to your specifications and facilitate delivery. Instead of limiting our services, we instead step in to act as your personal guide towards procuring the right assemblies for your purposes. This process often begins by working to understand the problem you are trying to solve or the equipment which you or your organisation is in the process of creating.

By taking the time to chat with you, hammering out details becomes more straightforward. Since poor cabling can have an impact on the overall quality of your signals transmissions, we know just how important it is to acquire products that use the proper shielding. We always help our clients connect with equipment that exhibits the correct properties (such as flexibility) while also presenting the desired length, mechanical protection and configurations.

For these reasons, product performance is especially important; this is where industry experience comes into play most strongly. Working on your behalf, we will identify the most appropriate solutions, present them for your approval, and ensure expeditious delivery. By minimising the delays and barriers that can stand in your way, we hope to aid you in moving forward with your current project.

Find the Coaxial Cable Assemblies Necessary for Your Efforts

When the system in your care requires new coaxial assemblies to make critical connections, turn to Rhombus Technologies and its partners such as Centrex and Teledyne Storm for what you need. Our crew’s goal in every transaction is your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for more in-depth information on how our teams can work together.