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Broadband Power Amplifier

Get the Power Needed for Your Equipment via Broadband Power Amplifiers

Many RF Systems require specific signal gain at various points in the signal chain.
Regardless of your application, our broadband power amplifiers including low noise versions can help you address your unique needs.

What Sets Rhombus Technologies Apart Regarding Broadband Power Amplifiers

We stand out from other suppliers for a few key reasons.

  • We carry a variety of power amplifiers, including medium power, high power, low noise, and cover frequency ranges HF to MMW.
  • We strive always to price our products economically because we recognise that a great product must also represent value for money.
  • We provide detailed information sheets for all our products, so you can make an intelligent, informed decision about which device is best suited for your requirements.

About Rhombus Technologies

Rhombus Technologies more than 30 years of experience serving the Australian government, organisations, research, tertiary and commercial clients in both Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is to provide the best electronic equipment from various manufacturers to those businesses and government organisations that need them most. Contact us to learn about our suppliers and how we can help you.